Giuseppe Pagano- Gino Levi Montalcini
uffici di amministrazione Palazzo  Gualino
gaken from the text by Luigi Chessa written for the monthly magazine "Domus" of June 1930)
..."The lawier Richard Gualino chairman of Salpa Italian, learned easily choose its architects and associates say almost becausa you rarely saw a closer collaboration between customer and artist..."
The architects Pagano and Levi-Montalcini found who  left them freely express their personality .
On the contrary
the lawyer Gualino found who was able to understand his unerring taste and refined and promptly implement its decisions ..
The architects are not limited to the construction of the building, but with the same care they have studied all the furniture.
Were used new materials such as "buxus" parcherizzati, metals and chrome, leather "salpa", special glasses.
The style used, scientific and impersonal, inflexible and demanding denotes peculiar aesthetic laws, ever technically tedious and cold, but reflects an optimistic and intense life ...
Type combinations of furniture adorn the rooms of the offices, their quality and their use are clearly seen in the pictures ..There are as many as 67 types, and this number gives an idea of the difficulty of running ...The furniture consists of an internal structure of spruce stagionatissimo, variously packaged according to the line of furniture. This was clad in  a thin layer of plywood and then the last layer of veneer buxus. 
In this way were obtained furniture with sharp edges and great strength.